4 Unexpected Things That Could Destroy Your AC Unit

Air conditioners are one of the things one must lose before they could be appreciated. It’s just there cooling the house and its occupants down neglected and often forgotten except to turn up or turn down the thermostat.

It breaking down on you is one of the worse things that could make your day miserable. Your air conditioner is breaking down on a hot and humid day, however, might just break your soul and body.

After the breakdown comes to the barrage of questions of why’s and how’s and who is the one at fault for the breakdown itself. There is no one else to blame but you. You probably would react, saying “But why me?” Well, we can’t possibly blame a machine for doing its purpose (and probably more), and it comes to be that the responsibility of taking care of the AC unit falls on the proper owners and users, which is ultimately you.

The question of how and why are still not answered though. Read on to learn more and find some of the ways you may be unconsciously destroying your air conditioner.

1. You never cleaned or replaced the filter

Think of it as blowing your nose when you’re having a cold (minus the part you have to do it again every few minutes). For the few minutes after you cleared your airways, you can breathe deeply and comfortably. The same goes with your air conditioning unit, clearing up the dust on the air filter allows more air to flow through the machine, making the cooling process easier and more effective. This also gives an bonus of making your machine consume less electricity as less energy is needed to cool your rooms.

2. You never called the maintenance guy for tune-ups

Just like an engine, your AC will need to maintenance and a general all-around clean up. The serviceman will check your appliance for leaks, rust build up and circuit lines. It also has coolant or refrigerant fluids that you need to replace or refill. This helps in preventing major blowups that could occur in the future. Getting your ac unit serviced also means you can get your AC adjusted and updated.

3. You never clean around the outside condenser

It’s not only the inside air filter that can get filthy, but the outside condenser also requires regular check-ups. You won’t have any problem with the outside part of your AC unit as long as you keep it free of vegetation and growth and to remove any debris that could make it overheat. Your pets could also cause damage to the condenser, specifically dogs. Don’t allow your furry friends to freely urinate on the unit as urine is highly acidic and can cause corrosion of parts.

4. You misuse/abuse the thermostat

This is the common culprit of air conditioner deaths. Most people change the temperature on the thermostat at different times of the day. This causes more stress on the machine and could cut its life short. Stick to one temperature and keep to it. There’s also the situation where people turn their AC off when they’re not home and then crank it up when they come home. It can make sense if you’re leaving for a long time, however, if it’s just for a few hours, better to just keep your AC on instead of turning it off. Turning it off means your air conditioner will have to cool your house again from the very start. Think of the difference between the temperatures; it takes more work to cool a room from 94°F to 85°F than it is at 90°F.

The last thing you want to come home to is your air conditioner busted. Learn to care for your unit in simple ways by reading the blog in https://aircon-servicing-singapore.com/ and enjoy the coolness of your house knowing you’ll still be using the same AC for 10-15 years and it will still work the same as when you bought it.