Recharging your Air Conditioner System’s Gas

The one job your home air conditioner has is to keep you comfortable from all the heat during the day. If your air conditioner fails to keep you at peace during the blazing heat, something may be wrong. The advice people would usually tell you is to clean or change your AC’s air filter. What few people know is that, just like any electronic device, air conditioners also need to recharge. If you notice that your AC is not functioning correctly or at all, you may need to recharge your refrigerant. This article is going to take you through the steps on how to recharge your air conditioner system’s gas.

Explaining what a “recharge” is

After reading the introduction, you may then ask yourself, what is a recharge? Recharge is actually another term for “refilling” because that’s exactly what you are doing. A recharge will never involve any electric power until all the necessary repairs are made and the system turns on.

Have you heard of the term, “refrigerant”? A refrigerant is what your air conditioner uses to pull out all the heat from the air around you. This is a transfer of heat. After that, it should be ready to get into your compressor. If your refrigerant is running on low or is practically nonexistent, the heat will not be pulled out of the air and without this transfer of heat your system will still malfunction. So, basically, recharging your system just means refilling your refrigerant.It is important to remember that a professional should be the ones doing this procedure as it extremely dangerous. You are even required to have a license to perform this type of maintenance.

When is it time to recharge?

So, what exactly are the signs that your system may need a recharge? Actually, your refrigerant is built stronger and to last longer than your actual system. The usual causes of needing a recharge are when you have a leak in your system. How can you tell is you have a leak in your system?

1. The air your vents are blowing out is at room temperature. This is an obvious sign that your air conditioning system needs a recharge. In most cases, this is what usually happens. The change from cool air to room temperature air doesn’t happen immediately. The temperature will only rise slowly as the system runs out of refrigerant.

2. Build-up of frost. Another indicator of a leak is the build-up of frost inside your air conditioning system.

To ensure that your air conditioner will work accordingly, it is advisable to have maintenance done on it every once in a while. This can prevent further damage to any of the systems in your air conditioning unit and can help prolong its life. It is also better to change some parts that have already been there for a really long time or have been repaired lots of times already.Taking good care of your air conditioner can help make you, your friends and family feel more relaxed and comfortable at home.